Private Training Gym and Mobile Home Fitness Training


The Lifefitness 9500HR treadmill (walking / running) has a shock absorption system that cushions impact therefore is kinder on the joints.  A full digital readout with pre-set programmes together with custom workouts monitoring heart rate makes it a market leader.

Cross Trainer              

Lifefitness cross trainer have an evolutionary new elliptical path of motion together with a push / pull movement that is synchronised with lower body striding, thus making for a smooth natural action.  Interactive heart rate workouts make for safe and effective training.


The Lifefitness 'Lifecycle' is an upright bike with a very smooth pedal action.  It has triathlon-style handlebars and is also fully conversant with 'Polar' heart rate monitors.

Concept 2 Rower

The market leading rower with a performance monitor that shows all rowing and stroke statistics clearly.  With variable resistance, workouts can be easily tailor-made to suit any fitness level.

Dual Action Pulley System       

Having fully adjustable, floor to ceiling, pulleys makes any exercise possible.  From general workouts to sports specific training the benefits are too numerous to mention.  Never has one piece of equipment been so adaptable.

Dumb bells      

We have a range of dumb bells to suit our customers strength requirements (2kg - 20kg).

Exercise balls / Bosu

We have a range of exercise balls and bosu to challenge and improve core stability, abdominal strength and flexibility.

Home Training

We have a large variety of transportable training kit which can be used within your home.